Magnet Family Information

What does it mean to be a Magnet Family at Barger?

Thank you for choosing Barger Academy for your child’s education! By enrolling as a Magnet Family, there are certain commitments and guidelines set by HCDE.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic: For the 2020-2021 school year, the magnet family volunteer service hours requirement has been waived. Parent Teacher Conferences will be held either in person or through one-on-one meetings using ZOOM or other teleconference options

If you would like to donate items to your child's classroom, please check with their teacher. We are also accepting donations of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes (Clorox wipes), disposable gloves, disposable masks, facial tissue (Kleenex), ziploc bags, and single use water bottles (cases of both the small 8 oz. and large 16.9 oz bottles). Please email [email protected] regarding questions about any donations.

When are parent teacher conferences held and what happens if I am unable to attend both conferences?

Parent/Teacher Conferences are held in the spring and fall in the two weeks after report cards are sent home. Hamilton County Department of Education guidelines for Magnet Families require parents to attend BOTH Parent/Teacher conferences to maintain your magnet status and continue at the magnet school of your choice the following year. If families miss a scheduled conference, teachers will reach out to parents to reschedule. If rescheduled attempts are also missed, the conference is marked as a “unattended” and the chance to attend Barger Academy the following year MAY be in jeopardy.

How do I complete the 18 hours of Volunteer Service?

Several paths exist to help you complete your Volunteer Service Hours. Joining PTA, signing up to help at an event, and committing to an ongoing yearlong program such as Barger Stars or Snack Packs, are only some of the paths to easily completing 18 hours during the school year. Families are encouraged to complete NINE hours before the end of 1st semester in December.

When I arrive at school to volunteer, where do I go?

All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the front office computer before entering the school. Everyone must bring drivers license/photo ID upon entering the building the first time and using the new RAPTOR sign in system. This is for the safety of your children and everyone in the building. The computer in the front office DOES NOT record your volunteer time. You must have a “Record of Magnet School Parent Service Hours” signed by the parent volunteer coordinator or other faculty to be awarded hours. If attending an event or field trip, there will be a sign in sheet to record your hours. After you sign in, please check with the parent volunteer coordinator in the parent work room directly across from the library.

I work Monday through Friday during school hours. How can I earn Volunteer Hours?

Each semester a Saturday Parent Work Day is held to help complete projects hard to accomplish while students are in the building. These project days may include such things as decorating the school for the holidays in the fall and winter, planting flowers and improving the grounds and working in the sculpture garden in the spring. Events held at night, including PTA meetings, and even before school, such as Donuts for Dads, also offer a chance for you to earn volunteer hours.

I have another child at another Magnet School. How many hours do I need to complete at each school?

Volunteer Service Hours MUST be split equally between each school your children attend. If you have two children at two different Magnet Schools, you must complete a total of NINE hours at each school. Of those NINE volunteer hours, ⅓ may be in donation and ½ may be in field trips at each school.

Can I donate items to earn my Volunteer Service Hours?

Magnet Families may donate up to ⅓ of your Volunteer Service Hours, or SIX hours,  to your child’s school. Volunteer Service Hours CANNOT be bought; cash money is NEVER to be turned in towards Volunteer Service Hours. Donation requests are listed each month in the school newsletter.. Any time items are purchased, the receipt MUST be attached to receive credit for Volunteer Service Hours.

I work a full time job, may my child’s grandparent help chaperone a field trip to earn Volunteer Service Hours?

Parents, grandparents, and legal guardians may all sign up to earn Volunteer Service Hours. Other family members may be approved on a case by case basis by the Parent Volunteer Coordinator. ALL volunteers for school field trips MUST be pre-approved by the child’s teacher before signing up to chaperone and attend field trips as not all field trips need chaperones and not all field trips have space on site to accommodate extra participants.

What happens if my child is absent more than 8 days or if we are tardy more than 10 times in a school year?

Eight unexcused absences or ten unexcused tardies is considered to be excessive absences/tardies. This WILL jeopardize your child’s magnet seat at our school and the possibility of being accepted to any other magnet school for the following school year. Early dismissals must also be kept to a minimum. NO early dismissals are permitted after 3:15 pm without a doctor’s note. Parents that bring their children to school should arrive no earlier than 8:30 am and pick up their children in the afternoon by 4:15 pm.

If I have a question, how do I reach the Parent Volunteer Coordinator at Barger Academy?

Mrs. Allison Bishop is the part-time parent volunteer coordinator at Barger Academy of Fine Arts. She works part time and is on campus Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. You may reach her by calling the school at 493-0348 extension 30606 or by email at [email protected].

How will I know how many hours I have completed during the year?

With each report card, you will receive a Completed Volunteer Hours report. It is very important that you indicate on the report if you have ANY other students at other magnet schools. Please check the reported hours to make sure they match the total from your signed volunteer slips. If you find an error, simply note the error and return the form to Mrs. Bishop to be verified. A final report of completed hours will be sent home TWO WEEKS before the April 30th deadline.

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