Dress Code


Student attitudes are sometimes affected by the clothing they wear. Barger’s dress code will be enforced in order to maintain a strong focus on learning. Administration reserves the right to determine if any attire is felt to be distracting, disruptive, and/or inappropriate for the learning environment. Parents may be called and students required to change in this event. Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for school as well as suitably for weather conditions.

If a student violates the dress code, the following process will take place.

1. Warning: A warning letter will be sent home on the first violation and should be returned to school signed. 

2. Warning and Phone Call: A warning letter will be sent home in addition to a parent phone call requesting the parent to bring dress code appropriate clothing to the school on the second violation. 

3. Minor referral: On the third violation, the student will receive a minor referral, the parent will be contacted by the administration, and appropriate clothes must be brought to the school. 

The Barger Academy of Fine Arts Dress Code requires students to wear ONLY solid colored polo or button-down collared shirts with Navy, Khaki, or Gray solid colored bottoms (no denim of any color) with closed toe gym type shoes (for safety). No Crocs type shoes may be worn. A belt is highly recommended as shirts must be tucked in. If needed, solid colored (no stripes or patterns) HOODLESS sweatshirts, sweaters, and/or jackets may be worn inside the building. Barger Academy t-shirts are permitted on Fridays only. 



A solid colored polo or button-down shirt 

Do not wear any clothing that has patterns,stripes, plaid, graphics, or is distressed in any way (has any rips, tears, or holes).

Full length shorts, dresses, skirts, and jumpers 

Do not wear shorts, dresses, skirts, jumpers, etc. that are shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

Full length shirts that are able to be tucked in 

Do not wear any graphic clothing.

A belt 

Do not wear hats, bandanas, head scarves, etc.

Navy, Khaki, or Gray solid colored pants/slacks (cotton style slacks)

Do not wear any bottoms made of denim (jeans) of any color unless on a designated day.  Do not wear leggings as pants.

Closed toe and heel shoes (tennis shoes preferred) 

Do not wear open toe shoes, Crocs, sandals, slides, or dress shoes unless on a designated day.  

Solid colored HOODLESS sweatshirts, sweaters, or jackets

Do not wear any clothing with a hood inside the building.

Any Barger Academy t-shirt on Fridays 

Do not wear heavy winter coats throughout the building.

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