Spring Break 2020 Activities

Spring Break “Safe at Home” - Ideas for you and your family to enjoy this very unique “staycation” 

  1. Chalk Your Walk - Chalk Your Walk is just as easy as it sounds. The link includes some ideas from National Chalk Your Walk day every year on August 2. People all over the nation are enjoying time outside with chalk in hand. Grab some chalk and draw! Driveway or sidewalk, draw happy pictures and write positive messages for others to see. Best part? Rain washes it away and you have a new blank canvas. Be safe and watch for cars!

  2. Scavenger Hunt - Scavenger hunts can be anywhere for anything. Hunt for items in your backyard, list things to find inside, seek items by color or the first letter of the word. Looking for ideas? Check out Pinterest or start here for free printable lists

  3. Make a Birdfeeder & Identify Birds - Don’t have any birdseed? That’s ok! Check out this site for bird feeders where you can use cheerios, leftover stale bread, and even fruit

  4. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles - Learn how to make your own bubbles and wands - Can you make a SQUARE bubble? How about different colored bubbles?

  5. Tea Party - Dress up, set the table, indoors or out - Don’t have a teapot? Improvise! Use any pitcher type drink container. Serve anything you want. Oreos and milk or tea and homemade cookies. You can make this as simple (color your own paper plates and cups, invite all your child’s stuffed animals) or dig in deep on the internet and host a full British “High Tea” with everyone in the house.

  6. Read Outside - grab a blanket, pillow, and your favorite book. Read aloud, take turns, don’t forget the snacks!

  7. Picnic in the Backyard - Enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the backyard picnic style. Make your favorite picnic foods and don’t forget some good outdoor games - play cards, color with coloring books, bring a board game outside, or just watch the clouds. 

  8. Edible Slime - Need we say more?

  9. Make a Suncatcher - There are as many ways to make suncatchers on Pinterest as there are children in the world. Overwhelmed and need a solid starting point? Check out this blog from March of this year with several easy suncatchers that can be made with found items and things you already have at home

  10. Dance Contest - Crank up your favorite playlist and just dance OR check out this cool youtube channel to learn fun dances to your favorite Disney and Broadway tunes

  11. Fly a Kite - Make one, fly one! All you need is a trash bag Want MORE ways to make a kite?

  12. Awesome Animal Art Activities - An entire youtube channel just for kids

  13. Act out a play or scene from a favorite book/movie - film it and share, host a virtual Oscars with friends and family to watch everyone’s “movies.” Extra fun if you include costumes and props!

  14. Stargazing - Starwalk 2 is an amazing FREE app that shows you what is in the sky wherever you are, day or night, rain or shine. Just point and watch! Click her to download it for free on Apple or Android

  15. Make a backyard obstacle course - Indoors or out, here is a great link on different ways to create a kid friendly obstacle course with items you may already have

  16. Host your own backyard Olympics - This is an historic event. This will be the first time ever that the Olympics have been postponed. ( Host your own Olympics in your own backyard (or even inside) Here are some ideas, or kids can even host Olympics for their toys! All complete with DIY medals of course. and

  17. Make homemade ice cream in a ziploc bag! - This is COOL! Seriously, though, dig out your winter gloves because the ziploc bag gets cold. For added safety, always double bag.

  18. Paint rocks - Part of a nationwide movement called “Kindness Rocks,” you can paint rocks with messages and share/hide them around town or you can paint for fun to keep at home

  19. Learn sign language - Check out this kid taught, kid friendly youtube channel to learn American Sign Language (ASL) check out more on her channel for other kid fun ideas

  20. Tie dye - This link shows fun ways to tie dye and if you need to make your own dye, this link shows you how with both food coloring and/or craft paint

  21. Camp in your backyard - No you don’t have to actually sleep outside if you don’t want to (but it might be fun!) Don’t have a tent? check out these fun temporary homemade tents with items you have around the house

  22. Hold a paper plane flying challenge - This website has the ULTIMATE database of any shape and style paper airplane you might ever want to fly

  23. Use old broken jewelry to make new jewelry - perfect for upcoming Mother’s Day gifts!

  24. Do the limbo - all you need is 3 people and a long stick/broom/even a rope stretched across

  25. Write a story - Need some good story prompts? Here are 300!

  26. Dress like a pirate day - go about your regular daily activities dressed and talking like a pirate

  27. Toilet Paper Tube Crafts! - Make a zoo, jungle, or characters for your own paper puppet show with these easy to use templates Don’t have a printer? Check them out anyway for inspiration to decorate all the toilet paper rolls we all have.

  28. Family Paint Night - watch a Youtube video and follow along as Angela Anderson teaches the entire family how to paint You will need some acrylic craft paint to do these.

  29. Dress up in your Sunday best, the fancier the better - set the table with candles and everything nice; enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant at home! - Let everyone pick items to be on the “menu” - to extend the event, spend one day cooking and the following day eating and enjoying family. Here are some tips to make everything extra special!

  30. Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist - put charades tasks in each egg, hide the eggs inside or out, when you find an egg you must do what is inside the egg and everyone has to guess before you hunt for another egg. Need ideas? 

  31. Interview a grandparent - Here is a great list of questions Did someone in the family have an interesting memory of life in a historic era and you want to share with others? Document it here and share on the Chattanooga Memory Project 

  32. Play some vintage “parlor games” - there are more on Wikipedia with a short lesson about their origin

  33. Host a Youtube Karaoke night - Check out this channel for the ultimate experience no need for any equipment! Make your own pretend microphone or grab a hairbrush 80’s style 

  34. Do you remember playing string games with your fingers? Here is how to make “Cat’s Cradle” and a long list of others with video tutorials to help -

  35. Hallway Laser Maze with string and tape -

  36. Family Minute to Win It game night - Everything you need listed here, with directions

  37. Make sock puppets, host puppet theater - You don’t need a pattern, use what you have. No googly eyes? Use buttons or glue on fabric eyeballs. Here are some ideas and a video 

  38. Create your own board game - No need to get fancy, use what you have!

  39. Make salt dough ornaments - What a cool way to remember the time together during the quarantine! Make ornaments now for the holidays later.

  40. Plan a future family vacation - Wishing you were somewhere else? Have everyone get in on learning all the aspects that come in to play when planning a family trip. Sit your children down and give them a budget and the parameters of the project. Tell them it’s up to them to identify a destination, figure out how to get there and back, and plan the itinerary.

  41. Organize family photos - For some, this could take years LOL What better time than the present? Dig out all the old photos; it’s ok if you don’t have albums to put them in yet because the stores are closed. Get them organized now and sorted into boxes, ziploc bags, or start a homemade scrapbook!

  42. Make homemade lemonade or Sun Tea -

  43. Host a family talent show - Don’t forget to record for friends and family to see later or host online with facebook Live, ZOOMs, skype, or other safe social distancing methods

  44. Make and bake homemade ShrinkyDinks - With all sorts of recycled plastics

  45. Make your own jigsaw puzzle - You need a picture or drawing, some glue & cardboard, scissors, and a grown up to assist with cutting 

  46. Learn a new card game - Learn a new one every day from Bicycle playing cards

  47. Learn origami - No need for special paper; cut paper you have to the correct square dimensions

  48. Make a family time capsule - What better way for your children to share this historic event with their children and grandchildren 

  49. DIY Pizza Night - Here is an easy homemade pizza dough recipe Make individual pizzas or bake one big family pizza pie

  50. Decorate the house with Christmas lights - Cities everywhere are spreading a little extra cheer by decorating with Christmas lights. 

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